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Another Beta Reader review

Thank you to M.M.A Taylor! I met this gem of a Beta Reader and fellow author on Facebook and he has been an amazing help. Not only was he the only one of many readers who realised that I had two chapter 5s. I know. You cannot believe how frustrating that was, considering that every time I open the file, the first thing that I see is this:

So I really should have seen that there were TWO chapters with the SAME number. But that burn is fading slowly and despite the fact that I know I should let it go, because I’ve fixed the problem, it bothers me.


I know I know, the editing process is hard and literally everyone who has ever written anything will tell me that it’s usually the most obvious mistakes that we find last. I know that. It doesn’t stop it rankling.

Moving on. M.M.A Taylor was exceptionally polite and brilliantly helpful. If you want to support him (which I highly recommend you do) head to his website.

I fully intend to help my fellow author with the editing process in his upcoming works.


In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, and the promotion of others, if you’re interested in Beta Reading, or want something Beta Read, send me an email at tjburgin(dot)com(at)gmail(dot)com — simply replace the (punctuation) with the correct symbols, and we’re off to the races!