Pipeline Projects

There are always ideas in the pipeline for writers… Looking for feedback and maybe some idea of what people want, T.J. Burgin would love to hear some general ideas regarding some projects she has in her pipeline.

Short Story Project

On Friday afternoon, I started a new project. It’s not anything that will ever get published. It’s not something that I ever intend to even bring into the world as a published work in any part. It’s something like a professional development project; I take pictures from magazines and stick them into pages in a … Continue reading Short Story Project

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The Other Treaty

Inspired by the Treaty of Versailles, I decided to start to write this story. It has stalled a little in the gates, but if you have any opinions, let me know! Below is the first chapter: “I drove past your Mum’s memorial today, some arsehole has taken it away.” Adam looked at his son and … Continue reading The Other Treaty

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Another Beta Reader review

Thank you to M.M.A Taylor! I met this gem of a Beta Reader and fellow author on Facebook and he has been an amazing help. Not only was he the only one of many readers who realised that I had two chapter 5s. I know. You cannot believe how frustrating that was, considering that every … Continue reading Another Beta Reader review

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The sequel to Abel’s Legacy

No sooner had my beta readers picked up their laptops to scroll through the pages when my fingers itched to let a different character have her day. I don’t want to let too many details go, but the character in question only appears twice in Abel’s Legacy. She has a big and dark story to … Continue reading The sequel to Abel’s Legacy

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The title-less project: A rundown

I don’t like giving out spoilers – especially to projects I am particularly excited about. But I feel like this project deserves some sort of discussion. It’s going to touch on some very personal themes and draw on a lot of my own experiences. I have had reservations before about leaving too much of myself … Continue reading The title-less project: A rundown

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Finding a title

Titles are very important. More than the cover. More than the author photo on the back. Maybe even the blurb. I have written at least one post about the power of names. Titles are just names. I have a special project going at the moment. It’s close to my heart and it’s proving to be … Continue reading Finding a title

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Pain, pus and planning

Two days ago I had a minor operation on my toe. You’d think it was nothing – no big deal. The whole hospital and gowns and three surgeons and four nurses seemed like a bit of a mountain when you considered the molehill that was an itty-bitty ingrown toenail. But I was in the hospital … Continue reading Pain, pus and planning

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The Man in the Dark

I had a dream a few months ago. I was confused when I woke up but slowly over the course of the next day I remembered some things that made me feel like the dream was something incredible important. Like I was supposed to write it down. Most dreams I have I don’t remember. But … Continue reading The Man in the Dark

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Searching for Stardust

A group of retrieval experts are contracted by a rich woman to retrieve the body of her daughter, who has been thrown from the airlock of a space-cruiser by her father. The team decides to go private in order to help this woman get the closure that the sentencing and execution of her husband will … Continue reading Searching for Stardust

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