#mentalhealth – the burn book and Bloom mental Health

If you’ve never checked out Bloom, it’s well worth a look. There are tools on there for many different kinds of mental health issues, and I want to talk about one in particular tonight; The Burn Book.


The burn book is not a foreign concept to those of us who have seen psychologists or who have watched Mean Girls, though in this context the book is not about hurting anyone or storing vicious comments.

A burn book works like a diary; sometimes writing can dismiss or satisfy demons. For me, writing spews forth a lot of vitriol but I feel a lot better after doing it. I enjoy handwriting most, as the energy within me flows more freely that way. But if you’re not into the handwriting thing, or don’t want to store the thoughts and feelings, Bloom Mental Health has a solution.



Meet the Burn Book tool. It doesn’t save. It just burns. Write what you want, get it out, and then BURN it. And when you burn it?



You can burn more if you want. Or you can just marvel that it is gone now.


I hope this helps, ladies and gentlemen.

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