T.J. Burgin lives, works and studies in Canberra, Australia. She graduated from her undergraduate degree in the summer of 2016 and writes, works and cares for her cat-children. In February of 2018 she commenced her fourth year of her undergraduate; Honours in Biological Anthropology.

Her time as carer has brought inspiration for several works, especially her first work of adult-urban-fantasy, Abel’s Legacy.

She has sat on three author panels for GAMMA.CON, consecutively 2015, 2016, 2017.

She doesn’t think religion is a good idea; she’s more of an animal person than a people person but enjoys helping others. She’s always valued education, both formal and informal, and relishes learning experiences in whatever form they present. Politically she believes that people need to be cared for and the environment needs the same treatment. Peace, hugs, understanding and love all the way.

The ducklings always herald the coming of… EXAMS @ ANU.

Her favourite books are written by classic authors – J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Joseph Heller, J.V. Jones, H. Black – but many modern works interest her as well. Anne Bishop, Becca Fitzpatrick, even Stephanie Meyer. She believes that reading, in any form, is exceptionally important. A book’s worth is not necessarily guaranteed by earlier works written by the same authors, and that worth is not measured in the length of the author’s sentence or the quality of the movie that it spawns. Emotional connection to the characters is key and those characters, when well written, can make a simple or otherwise mediocre work shine.

So much cuter than the ducklings… And they don’t herald anything!

T.J. Burgin aims to write the best characters she can possibly write. Her best come from real life and she has written a couple of characters loosely (or not so loosely) on herself.

The beautiful Lake Crackenback… A source of inspiration if I ever saw one.


In 140 characters or less, my life story; I’ve had 3 pussy cats four boyfriends two graduations and a wonderful 21st birthday party. To see the process behind this marvellous Twitter-worthy statement check out my blog post for 642 Tiny Things #4. Or Twitter.

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