Headbutts for the soul

I’m sitting on the couch, laptop across my thighs, staring blankly at the screen thinking about all the things I want to write and all the things I should be writing (there is no overlap btw – I should really be writing stuff that isn’t this). The sunlight is cold through the window and I’m wishing I grabbed a blanket from the other end of the couch. My coffee is too sweet but it’s cold so I don’t mind so much.

And then, just as I open this page to write this very post, deciding to do it instead of all he things I should be doing, my middle fur baby Benji steps boldly onto my lap, pushing my laptop farther down toward my knees, and butts his head against my chest, twisting about until he lies across my arms and purrs contentedly.

If you have never had a cat interrupt something important with the simple desire for cuddles, I feel a little sorry for you. It might sound frustrating – you’re chilling, writing something super important, trying to get it done, because you just need to get it done… and BAM. A cat gets in your way, pushing their way into your space and demanding at least 30% of your attention.

It can be frustrating. I’ve had any of my cats walk across my keyboard and delete paragraphs or add sentences of nonsense vowels. But the purring makes up for it. The rhythmic inhalations and exhalations of a contended cat bring peace to my soul. Its not uncommon; I’ve heard many people talk about how peaceful it is.

But the snuggling and the purring aren’t actually the best part of Benji’s attention. It’s the headbutts. Cats butt their heads against people to show affection and while my cats have many ways of showing affection, I enjoy the butting most of all. There’s something sweet about the way they tilt their heads and butt their little furry face against whatever they can reach. Some cats hit you harder than others. Some have a particular part of their owner’s body that they like to butt. Benji likes my cheek or chest. Bumble likes to butt legs or arms. Raccoon… Doesn’t butt. She’s just a less affectionate cat. But that’s okay. Cats are people too.

I hope you will experience this one day, if you haven’t already.

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