Instagram is a platform with a lot of potential – I’m assuming that most people who use the internet have at the very least heard of it, and probably have had someone shove a phone in their face to show them a photo of an adorable cat or crazy stunt (examples below).

I started an Instagram account initially as a writer, but rapidly discovered that authors have a limited repertoire where a strictly visual medium is concerned.

When I started pole dancing at Aerial Pole Academy I gained a little confidence and posted some pictures from there – which was far more Instagram friendly than pictures of cats lounging on stacks of paper or keyboards.

Which has led to this point. Last week I received a message from a fun looking company called Pineapple clothing asking if I wanted to be an ambassador for them. It was flattering, I’m not going to lie. I really like their patterns, and I know a couple of other people who use their gear. Today I bought my first set, and they sent me the link and promo code that I’ve now added to my bio in my Instagram account.

So I plan to be #happyinpineapple from now on. I am not going to exclusively wear their gear – I will still wear Lorna Jane and Rarr Designs for other needs – but I’m keen to wear some pretty Pineapple Clothing!

I’m going to keep y’all posted on how this ambassador deal goes – it will be a new and exciting experience!

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