El Hablador – A Review

Last night, I spent two and a it glorious hours watching Ross Noble dance and twist about the stage, drawing inspiration from the crowd and the poor suckers who came in late for their front-row seats.


If you’ve never seen Ross Noble live, or even viewed him on some of his more Ross-ish appearances on programs like QI and Spicks and Specks I would recommend you switch to Youtube now and have a look. Then come back and finish reading this.


Welcome back


Now you’ve familiarised yourself with the chaotic and logic-less style that is the hallmark of the Ross Noble experience, I can properly explain and review the experience of last night’s show.


Explaining what actually happened is beyond my capabilities. Language cannot encapsulate the true nature of the jokes and anecdotes that make my stomach and ribs ache. There were pandas, bird nests, glad wrap, lions, hippos, moleskin phones covers and heroin addicted midgets. There was an Air Force acquisitions person playing King Kong buying the excrement of Top Gun‘s Goose.


If none of that makes sense, then you weren’t there. If it does make sense – then you were clearly present.


Ross Noble is an experience like no other. I have watched many other stand up comics, and while most of them have made me laugh so hard I cried, nothing has ever compared to the experience of watching Ross Noble and the bag of cats that is his brain work its magic on stage. There’s no need to review this. You just need to watch him.

* * * * *

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