Daemon Sadi – my favourite of Anne Bishop’s children

Anne Bishop is an amazing author. I’ve read almost everything she’s written and I love it. I doubt I would ever have the skill to write the complex worlds she does. I envy her imagination and her commitment and most of all, her characters.


I have many things to say about a lot of her characters, but the character that makes me think the hardest and gives me the most hope is Daemon Sadi. If you haven’t read the books I don’t want to spoil them in any way, so if you haven’t read them, go and read The Black Jewels Trilogy and then come back and finish reading this post.


I’ll wait.


Right now you’ve read that marathon of fantasy, and probably cried at least thirty times, I can keep going without fearing I will spoil things for you.


I wish I could write a character half as complete and complex as Daemon Sadi.


You see his many sides over and over again and usually he shows a new side, a different personality, nearly every time he interacts with a new person. I love him because he is ruthless, diplomatic, sadistic, gentle, kind, vengeful, loyal and cold. He has been treated with unspeakable cruelty his entire life and yet his foundation is so strong he is unshakable.


From memory there is a line somewhere in there akin to the hottest fire forges the strongest sword – or something. And I think that is undeniably true.


Everything that makes Daemon such a wonderful person is built into his genes and his unshakeable individuality. He is my second favourite fantasy male.

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