So being an author, it seems only natural to write about books. Whether they’re my books, someone else’s books, or even books that haven’t been written yet.

I will probably even post chapters from books that are in progress (and within restrictions, already published)


Happy reading!




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Pain, pus and planning

Two days ago I had a minor operation on my toe. You’d think it was nothing – no big deal. The whole hospital and gowns and three surgeons and four nurses seemed like a bit of a mountain when you considered the molehill that was an itty-bitty ingrown toenail. But I was in the hospital … Continue reading Pain, pus and planning

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Searching for Stardust

A group of retrieval experts are contracted by a rich woman to retrieve the body of her daughter, who has been thrown from the airlock of a space-cruiser by her father. The team decides to go private in order to help this woman get the closure that the sentencing and execution of her husband will … Continue reading Searching for Stardust

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First Chapter: The Last Tail

“You’re going to have push now honey, come on, push!” Myrrdin’s voice was loud in my ears, but not as loud as the screams that filtered through my tired brain. What was going on? Someone should tell that person to be quiet so I could hear my mother. “Alice? Alice! Come on, open your eyes.” … Continue reading First Chapter: The Last Tail

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First Chapter: The Second Tail

My head rolled back and collided with the wooden edgework of Blake’s armchair’s strongly built wings. When I tried to sit up properly to clear my head my body was greeted with searing pain across my chest, thighs, stomach and shins, all forming long bands around me and holding me still. Blinking rapidly to get … Continue reading First Chapter: The Second Tail

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First Chapter: The First Tail

There’s no way to really describe the feeling I get when I die. Obviously it’s probably not the same feeling you will get when you die, but then again, you might not be around to report the sensation or indeed remember it at all. In my opinion, it’s very difficult to fully experience something without … Continue reading First Chapter: The First Tail

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