Monthly Archives: November 2017

Fighter’s Block, NaNoWriMo & Half Blind

Today I’ve been writing like a mad thing. I’ve written two and a half thousand words, had half a dozen naps and spent a good amount of time trying to write but being unable to write because of the medication I’m on because I’m ill.

Writing productively is hard on painkillers – unfortunately it is also difficult to write while in pain, so there’s no winning. But, I am woefully behind schedule for NaNoWriMo and I desperately want to complete it. In terms of hours left available and words still needed to write, I don’t know if it’s feasible, but screw it, I’m going to do my drug addled best.

What tools have I been using to try and achieve this impossible goal of 14K words in two days while sick? Fighter’s Block. You may have read an article I wrote previously about the online application, if you haven’t, google it – it’s a pretty simple concept.

Fighter’s Block is a tool I have used to write short sections in the past. However, today I did something a little nuts. I challenged the monster to two consecutive 1000 word sprints. And I did it!

See? I did it!