Welcome to the official website of the author of The Tails of Two Dragons, Half Blind,  Sorry for the Apocalypse and Abel’s Legacy.

T.J. Burgin.

This is a platform for T.J to express some wild and sometimes completely irrelevant thoughts on totally unrelated topics, as well as share first chapters of her upcoming works as they are ready. T.J. invites commentary on all her published work through the page and also invites readers to follow her Facebook pages and add themselves to the mailing list for any updates.

The First Cover



The First Tail is T.J. Burgin’s only published work to date (November 2018). It is self published through Xlibris, an imprint of Penguin.








Half Blind is T.J. Burgin’s incomplete NaNoWriMo 2017 project, based in the same universe as Abel’s Legacy.







Abel’s Legacy is a personal project for T.J. Burgin, as yet unpublished, written as a form of therapy.






Sorry for the Apocalypse is a science fiction novel in the making, and is T.J. Burgin’s NaNoWriMo 2018 project.






All content on this website, unless explicitly stated otherwise, is the intellectual property of T.J. Burgin, under this and all other pseudonyms.